Gord Shoquist is the owner/operator of Nanaimo Woodworking (nanaimowoodworking.com) and has enjoyed working with wood since moving to Vancouver Island in 1973. Gord's passion for woodworking has grown through the years while helping family and friends with numerous projects. With his newly completed "dream shop" Gord is extending his services and experience to helping the community of Nanaimo and beyond.


In addition to continuing to offer home renovations and home repairs at your place Gord is also now able to provide complete shop services from his property in Nanaimo. With many years of experience, Gord's connections to people in the industry are crucial for completing projects on time, getting the right materials for the job, and completing your projects at a great price!


Gord always looks forward to meeting with clients and helping them turn their dreams into reality. Please use the contact link to get in touch with Gord today!





Gord Shoquist has worked on several projects for us over the years. He built cabinetry to blend into existing furniture to create an impressive entertainment centre. As well, he designed a curved shelf in our living room, to blend in with mahogany furniture. Outside, Gord has built fences and gates, wiring for outside lighting. He is good at solving renovation problems, purchasing materials for the job. Gord is honest, resourceful, and reliable. We appreciate that we can call Gord for help with homeowner concerns.
~ Michael and Vicki Harrison
It is my pleasure to recommend Gord Shoquist for any type of home repair or renovation work. He has done a significant and varied amount of work for me in my home.

I have always found Gord to be fair and absolutely professional in all of our dealings, I have no hesitation in providing him with a key to come and go as necessary.

Gord's work is excellent, he is very thorough and a very talented individual who can fix most anything. He can construct and install doors, windows, siding, soffits and virtually clean up and paint any surface.

I would highly recommend Gord for all your home repairs or renovations, if he is not comfortable with the work request he will let you know.
~ Linda Sartorio
Gord Shoquist is not only a skilled and versatile tradesman who takes pride in his work but he is also an honest and fair businessman. Gord has completed several projects for us and it's obvious that he cared about the outcomes as much as we did. He shows up on time and is always pleasant to work with. When using sub-trades on larger projects we were pleased to find that the people Gord selected shared the same values - honesty, integrity and a commitment to doing quality work at a fair price. It is a pleasure to recommend Gord Shoquist for all your home renovation and maintenance projects.
~ Don Grant and Jane Price
Gord has performed work for me on two occasions, the most recent was an external renovation involving the exterior of my home. Two new wood windows and residing in cedar shakes was completed. Noteworthy in the work he performed was:

  • - Orderly and well prepared quote.
  • - Final cost was below budget.
  • - Quality of work of a high standard
  • - Cleanliness & clean up of site during & after completion.
  • - Timeliness in completion of the project

I have no reservations in providing Gord with a strong recommendation based on his performance.
~ Ken Flannigan